Mental Note Music is now Mental Note Media! (You’ve kinda gotta change the name when you start selling books and offering videos, now don’t you?) But rapid learning and long-term retention are still what the Mental Note way is all about. Explore this site to see all the ways Mental Note Media can help you with teaching, learning, and training.

New Novel

My first novel, Tierra (El Diario de Max Edwards) is in the works. It's in Spanish, and your students can probably understand it!

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  • Welcome Teachers!

    Listen to the songs that have helped tens of thousands of students retain information—and have fun while they learn. Download free support materials, or inquire about a teacher workshop with a performance for students.

  • Welcome Students!

    So, your teacher plays my songs, and you don’t hate them. I love that! It makes me want to find other ways to help you learn. Click here for help getting the most out of the songs, or to download them for your listening and learning pleasure.

  • Train Employees?

    Mental Note Media can help. Commission a CD of catchy songs that will allow your staff to learn the details of your business’s operations, to retain those details, and to stay consistent and on-message when dealing with your customers.