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How I Explain to Students Why I do TPRS

So here’s a little speech that I apparently used to give to my Spanish I students to explain why I teach the way I do. If you’re looking for a simple justification for TPRS, or you struggle with how to explain it to students or parents, this may be worth 13 minutes of your time…

Pronunciation/Spelling for Spanish I Students

So, I guess I posted this once on It’s how I teach beginning pronunciation and spelling. A homeschooling Mom who uses my music found it and said it was helpful, so I thought I’d make it available to you.

It’s an extension of The Taco Song from my first CD. I’m kind of embarrassed to see that I went on-and-on for almost half-an-hour, but the speech has had an impact on many students over the years.

Hope it’s helpful!

Double Object Pronouns

This video teaches students how to use direct and indirect object pronouns in the same sentence. Feel free to link to the URL of the video from your own website so students can use it to review at home. You can also show it in class, if your school’s technology permits. Soon I hope to have a version available that you can use in-class and narrate yourself.

I hope to update and link to the grammar packet I refer to in the lesson soon. If you can’t wait, e-mail me, and I’ll send you the version I used last year.