How I Explain to Students Why I do TPRS

So here’s a little speech that I apparently used to give to my Spanish I students to explain why I teach the way I do. If you’re looking for a simple justification for TPRS, or you struggle with how to explain it to students or parents, this may be worth 13 minutes of your time…

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  • Hi Todd –
    I’m really interested in reading your explanation, but I can’t find it! The post ends “13 minutes of your time…” with no link to anything else (that I can figure out.)

    I found your site through Scott Benedict, and I’ll be downloading some of your songs to use with his new curriculum.


    • Sorry! I didn’t realize how hard it was to see that the second word, “here’s” is a link. That brown link color is too close to the black text color. One more thing for my to-do list…Thanks for downloading the songs, and I hope you find them, and the audio here, useful!

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