Welcome Teachers!

Below is our collection of CD/Activity Book sets. Click on any image to get more information, view lyrics, and listen to song samples.

Since Spanish teachers were the first audience for my music, you’ll notice that much of this site is directed toward Spanish teachers and learners.

Teachers of intermediate levels of Spanish should download the first two-thirds of my new novel at no charge. I had a pretty good response the first year I used it with my classes. I made it a little easier for this year, and I couldn’t believe how well they responded to it! You can read (most of) it for yourself at no charge, and see if it’s a good fit for your classes!

Spanish teachers, let your students know that students can now purchase and download the songs to their mobile music device thingies, and continue the learning at home.

On my ideas and free stuff page, you’ll find videos, PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, and editable files that will hopefully illuminate what I’m trying to get across through the songs. And sometimes, I just like to sit down and write words down for people to read so that they can consider things that were formerly in my brain. That’s the “ideas” part. They will tend toward “big picture” things more than “use it in class tomorrow” stuff, but there is plenty of that kind of stuff around, right?

Now just maybe you’ll read something or see something that will make you think, “hey, this guy has some interesting ideas—I wonder if he would accept money to come and share them in a workshop with a group of teachers in my area”. The answer is a resounding “maybe—you should contact me and see if we can work something out!”