Government Rocks!


Government Rocks! is a disc and booklet set designed to teach kids about U.S government in a fun, memorable way. And if you’ve ever felt guilty because you probably couldn’t pass a citizenship test…

Listen to song samples here, and view lyrics below.


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Thom wrote this one when he was teaching fourth grade, and got to hear them sung back to him when his fourth graders had him again after he moved to the Jr. High. Kids never forget these lyrics. The songs are fun, catchy, and packed with essential information to be introduced in grades 3-6, but useful through adulthood!


3 Branches of Government

Legislative, Executive, Judicial – the three branches
Legislative, Executive, Judicial
We’re ruled by laws not men
Our government has checks and balances
A separation of powers
with three branches of government
three branches of government

The legislative branch writes the laws
The executive branch enforces them all
The judicial branch helps clarify them
They all work together in our government

Each branch has its own job to do
No branch has too much power,
which might be abused
We have a balance, that’s the way it was planned
I think the founding fathers deserve a hand


Congress is another name
for the Legislative branch
Made up of the Senate
and the House of Representatives
They are the ones who write the laws
They get lots of letters and lots of phone calls
The views of the people are expressed
by people that they elect to Congress

435 members serve two-year terms
in the House of Representatives
State population helps decide
The number each state will send to Congress

100 Senators go to work in Washington
Each state sends two
They each serve six-year terms
Workin’ for me and you in Congress

How a Bill Becomes a Law

This is how a bill becomes a law
A bill is a plan written by a woman or man
In the Senate or the House of Representatives
If the House approves the bill
and Senate does too, it will
be on its way to becoming a law

This is how a bill becomes a law
If it passes the House and Senate
It goes to the President
who will either sign or veto it
He signs the bill to make it law
Or he vetoes it because he disagrees with it,
But it can still become a law

This is how a bill becomes a law
If it is vetoed, back to Congress it goes
And they can vote on it again
If two-thirds vote for it in the House and in the Senate
That’s called an “override”
And the bill becomes a law
And these are two ways a bill can become a law


Our government is a democracy
Run by people just like you and me
The word “democracy” comes from the Greek
“demos” means people
“cratos” means power or strength
The people make the rules, you see, in a democracy

We don’t have a king or queen
That would be a monarchy
We don’t have a leader in total control
That would be a dictatorship, we know

A democracy is a government
Run by people who live under it
Abe Lincoln said it was “of the people
by the people, and for the people”

Governors and the President

Governors and the President
They are the Chief Executives
Governors and the President
They enforce the laws
of state and national government

Our nation elects one President
Who represents every U.S. citizen
And each state has its own Governor to care
For the state and people who are living there

Governors and the President
Serve four-year terms as chief executive
They sign the bills to make them law
And oversee leaders who enforce them all

The Constitution

The Constitution of the United States
was adopted in 1789
It was written after many debates
and it has stood the test of time
It’s a document that lays out
how our government should run
It’s the Constitution, the U.S. Constitution

The Constitution of the U.S
Outlines the structure of our government
The central government runs the country as a whole
But each state still has a lot of control

The Constitution lays out a plan
To separate power between 3 branches
And people have rights that help protect them
In the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments

The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights was written by James Madison
They’re the first ten amendments
to the Constitution
And Thomas Jefferson said
A Bill of Rights is what people are entitled to
And what no just government should refuse

The Bill of Rights are freedoms of U.S. citizens
Like freedom of speech, and of religion,
And freedom of the press
And our rights cannot be taken away
The Bill of Rights protects us that way

We have the freedom to assemble peacefully
And our homes cannot be searched unnecessarily
These basic rights and more are guaranteed
Freedom is the heart of our democracy

The 43 Presidents

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison,
Monroe, Adams, Jackson, Van Buren, Harrison
Tyler, Polk, Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan,
Lincoln, Johnson, Grant, Hayes,
Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland

Harrison, Cleveland, McKinley, Roosevelt,
Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt,
Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson,
Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush

These are the 43 Presidents
In the history of the U.S.

Written by Thom Miller, produced and performed by Todd Hawkins (with vocal and instrumental cameos from Thom Miller and vocals by Amy Skeens-Benton)


CD and Teachers’ Guide/Activity Book included.



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