This is a new area for me, but after 20 years of teaching, I feel like I do some pretty unique things that are worthy of sharing—and many of them are very difficult to explain on a web site. I will share as much as I can at no charge on this site, but it would be so much better if we could talk things over in a room together. I don’t have specific topics or fees yet, but I’m open to suggestions on both. And I hope to find a way to include a live performance/sing-along with students in with each teacher workshop I present.

I expect that I will find a niche within the TPRS community as a guy who has innovated within that methodology, but who has also learned to function in good-conscience in a Spanish program that is not TPRS-friendly. I anticipate becoming a resource for teachers who wish to transition a department from a more traditional approach, and who need help convincing more traditional teachers of the merits of comprehensible input as the basis for an approach to teaching languages. I can also help by providing comprehensible-input based activities that work within a more traditional setting. I will never be a substitute for Susan Gross, Blaine Ray, Karen Rowan, Susan Gabb, or other TPRS gurus in teaching the methodology from square one–I’m a guy you can go to for new ideas based upon the philosophy and techniques I’ve learned from them.